Polyacrylamide (PAM) Used as Thickening Agent

Polyacrylamide (PAM) is a most widely used water-soluble polymer. Polyacrylamide has the function of flocculation, filtration, thickening, stabilizing colloid, drag reduction, rheology modifiers, adhesives, film and gel. 
What are the characteristics of polyacrylamide determines the polyacrylamide can be used as thickening agent?
First: polyacrylamide temperature resistance is strong, can withstand the high temperature of 90-100 degrees.
Second: polyacrylamide in the match after gelling fluid, won't produce density difference within 24 hours, so it's better to water-soluble polyacrylamide.
Third: polyacrylamide can resist formation of calcium, magnesium, iron ions in the water pollution.
Fourth: polyacrylamide in the match after the glue solution, can be suspended iron filings, debris and other debris, and better rheological properties, shear thinning strong sex, etc.
The above characteristics of polyacrylamide, therefore, decided to the polyacrylamide can use role thickening agent.
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