How to Choose Polyacrylamide Flocculant?

How to choose polyacrylamide flocculant in wastewater treatment according to the characteristics of wastewater of specific industry? We should also pay attenttion which link adding flocculating agent, for what purpose.     


General waste water should consider when choosing inorganic flocculant composition and PH, etc., and then choose the most suitable kind of (silicon iron salt, aluminum salt or iron salt, aluminum salt and ferrosilicon salt, etc.), for example: when choosing organic polyacrylamide flocculant), basically be to see need, cationic polyacrylamide  flocculant, anionic polyacrylamide flocculant  and nonionic polyacrylamide flocculant.


Cationic polyacrylamide flocculant is generally used in sludge dewatering, and selection of cationic polyacrylamide is important, generally used in municipal sewage treatment plant strong cationic polyacrylamide, paper making, dyeing sludge dewatering generally choose weak cation, pharmaceutical wastewater generally choose strong cation, and so on. Each kind of wastewater has its own unique features. Nonionic polyacrylamide flocculant is mainly used in weak acidic conditions, dyeing using non-ionic polyacrylamide flocculant is more.


Polyacrylamide flocculant selection should be according to the test to be sure, first determine dosage, roughly in the test, observation of polyacrylamide flocculation precipitation speed, accounting processing cost, choose the economic, suitable polyacrylamide flocculating agent.


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