PAC Out of Stock Phenomenon Will End in Gongyi

Recently because of the air pollution problem, the mayor of Zhengzhou City, Gongyi City, environmental protection department interviews, in which all industrial enterprises in Gongyi area of full operation of environmental protection from the new rectification, as water purifying agent polymerization aluminum chloride is one of the enterprises the main pillar of the economy, has also been listed as the object of environmental remediation. At present, Gongyi city is the largest aluminum chloride production base, according to the relevant statistical data of domestic 70% polyaluminium chloride produced in Gongyi City area, after decades of development of logistics industry chain, raw materials, artificial technology relative to other regions is relatively mature, the production of poly aluminum chloride products in the supply and delivery cost, and logistics the distribution has great advantage over other areas. The Gongyi City polyaluminum chloride production enterprises were all closed temporarily for environmental remediation. The domestic market caused by the polymerization aluminum chloride products for a month in the extremely tight state.

Zhengzhou Runquan chemical products Co.,Ltd. do not arbitrarily price in this special period, do not delay the user timely communication with dealers, distributors to be responsible suppliers. Because the industry perennial low amount of walking to the mode of operation of enterprises, this season is the maximum amount of time, environmental protection factory can not timely renovation, actively cooperate with relevant departments to do environmental rectification work. After 20 days of plant environmental remediation has been in the first batch of production enterprises through the acceptance, and has accelerated the start of production operation, PAC stock phenomenon will end, the dealer can be 3 days in advance to order.




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