Coconut Shell Activated Carbon

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Product Introduction:
The coconut shell activated carbon adopts imported high quality coconut shell as raw material. Coconut shell activated carbon refined by American advanced rotary kiln technics,coconut shell activated carbon has features of developed porosity, good adsorption capacity, high bleaching&deodorizing efficiency, high strength, long service life and full range which includes gold coconut shell activated carbon, water purification activated carbon, the MSG refined activated carbon, petrochemical RHSS activated carbon, the vinylon catalyst activated carbon, ethylene desalination water activated carbon and cigarette filter tip activated carbon, etc.
The coconut shell activated carbon has the wide using  for water treatment .Coconut shell activated carbon is widely used in food, health care, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, steel-making, tobacco, beverages, alcoholic, air purification, chemical and other industries. The coconut shell activated carbon is also used for deodorization of high purity drinking water, removal of heavy metals and chlorine in water and decolorization for liquids. So coconut shell activated carbon can be widely used in the chemical industry for solvent recovery and gas separation.
High mechanic strength, hardness
Low ash and moisture
Large specific surface area & well-developed porosity
Chemical stability & work well for air and vapor purification, water resolvent
Super adsorption capacity and efficiency

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