Basic Aluminum Chloride (BAC)

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Product Introduction:

Basic Aluminum Chloride (BAC) is a kind of inorganic polymer. BAC is refined and produced by using the industrial aluminum bauxite, aluminum ash and activated bauxite as the raw materials. It has a unique efficacy in the treatment of papermaking, printing and dyeing wastewater. The reaction time can be shorten by the fast flocculation formation and high sedimentation rate, the capacity has improved 1.5-3 times in the corresponding conditions.

Color appearance: Grey or black granular solids.
Technical standard: The quality conforms to the national standard GB15892-2009.

Performances of BAC:

1. High activity, low dosage, strong adaptability;
2. Fast dissolving and fast sedimentation;
3. It can effectively remove the metal and radioactive substances to water pollution.


1. This product should be diluted with water solution dosing, the dilution ratio is 2% commonly - 2% (weight percentage);
2. Drug dosing quantity commonly is solid products 1-15 g/ton, concrete additive quantity by the user according to the actual amount of experiment to determine;
3. Storage period: two years, should be put in ventilated, dry place, does not affect the use effect after be affected with damp.

Shipping and Delivery:

we are usually available for sale, if there is a shortage of products, generally 15 days can be shipped.  

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