Polymeric Aluminum Ferric Chloride (PAFC)

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Product Introduction:

Polymeric Aluminum Ferric Chloride (PAFC) product is developed based on deep coagulant hydrolysis and coagulation mechanism of the polymerization aluminum chloride and three iron oxide, aluminum and iron salts, which combines aluminum and ferric salt coagulation model and the introduction of anionic sulfate ion which greatly improve the degree of polymerization.

Appearance Color:

Liquid product is brown or reddish brown transparent body, no precipitation. The solid product is brown, red brown powder or granular.

Characteristics of PAFC:

1. Fast hydrolysis speed and weak hydration.
2. Solid products are brown, red brown powder, easily soluble in water.
3. It can effectively remove the aluminum ion in source water and free residual aluminum ion in water after aluminum salt coagulating.
4. Applicable to a wide range of drinking water, industrial water, living water, sewage and industrial sewage treatment.
5. Less dosage, good treatment effect, save 10-20% costs than other coagulants.

Properties of PAFC:

PAFC is easy to be dissolved in water, and can be used for drinking water, industrial water industrial wastewater and sewage treatment. In addition to reduction of the residual turbidity of color, coagulation effect has other characteristics such as blocks of floc formation, high adsorption properties, good performance of sludge dewatering filter, particularly the better treatment effect of high turbidity water, low temperature and low turbidity water than that of alum, poly aluminium chloride, ferric sulfate and ferric oxide. The effect on purification and treatment for low temperature and low turbidity of the water is particularly evident, it achieves incomparable result by not to add alkaline assistant and other coagulants.

Features of PAFC:

1, The amount is much lower than traditional coagulants, water quality is much good after purification.
2, Rapid floc formation, quick sediment, stronger processing capacity than conventional products.
3, Less consumption of water alkalinity, and less decrease of water PH value .
4, Low undissolved substance of the product of aqueous solution, good light transmission.
5, An applicably wide range of PH value, can be used in the range from 5.0 to 9.0.
6, Highly adapt to the change of content of turbidity, alkalinity, and organic matter.
7, The quality index of products, especially heavy metals, meets the standard requirements of GB15892-2003.
8, Low amount of residual free aluminum, purified water meets state standards.
9, Low corrosivity, the performance of soluble powder is better than other similar products.

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