Polyferric Sulfate

Polyferric Sulfate (PS) 

Polyferric sulfate is light yellow amorphous solid powder. Polyferric Sulfate is widely used for Industrial Wastewater Treatment. 

Used as coagulant in Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment, Electroplating wastewater treatment and Paper Making Waste Water Treatment.

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Product Introduction:

Polyferric sulfate is light yellow amorphous solid powder, easily soluble in water, 10% (weight) aqueous solution is a reddish brown transparent solution, hygroscopicity. Purification of polymeric ferric sulfate is widely used in drinking water, industrial water, industrial wastewater, sewage and sludge dewatering of the city.

Color appearance: The water solution is reddish brown transparent solution.
Technical indicators: GB15892-2009.

Application Features:

1. New type, high quality and efficient molysite type of inorganic polymer flocculant;
2. Excellent performance of coagulation, compact alum and fast sedimentation rate;
3. Good water purification effect, good water quality, non aluminum, chlorine and heavy metal ions and other harmful substances. Non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable;
4. Significant effect in turbidity removal, decoloring, oil removal, dehydration, sterilization, deodorization, algae removal, removal of COD, BOD and heavy metal ion etc;
5. PH range is 4-11, and the optimum PH range is 6-9. After purification, the rangeability of PH value and total alkalinity are small;
6. Remarkable purification effect to micro pollution, algae water, low temperature and low turbidity raw water, especially useful for high turbidity raw water;
7. Less dosage, low cost, processing cost can save 20%-50%.

Polyferric Sulfate for Industrial Wastewater Treatment:
1, Printing and dyeing wastewater treatment. Used as coagulant instead of the traditional aluminum and ferric salts with low molecular weight, the PFS dosage is small amount, about 150ppm, good removal efficiency of COD and color, optimum conditions for the ph value: 8.0. 
2, Electroplating wastewater treatment. Used as coagulants and Broken hromathirute. Hromathirute Complexes is mainly copper - ammonia complex with stable nature, pH = 11, it is difficult to have direct precipitation reaction with a base, polyethylene and aluminum coagulants. It can also be used in water reuse.
3, Paper Making Waste Water Treatment. Polyferric Sulfate can replace aluminum chloride, aluminum sulfate, used as a coagulant, can also be used as paper sludge dewatering. 

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